Experience the fine teas "Matcha & Gyokuro" that can only be tasted in Japan.

If you want to taste fine tea in Shinsaibashi, we definitely recommend these two long-established stores with a long histories.


  • Ujien (Kissako)
  • Ujikoen (Japanese Tea Specialty Shop and Cafe)

STORE / Ujien (Kissako)

Boldly Pushing the Development of Matcha Green Tea Sweets

  • Tea Sweets Created by a Japanese Tea Store

  • Ujien has a history dating back to 1869 in Kyoto, and has had a store here in Shinsaibashi for more than 70 years. Ujien" is a long-established store that is eager to develop Japanese tea sweets as if to explore new possibilities for Japanese tea, and has an eating and drinking space on the second floor called "Kissako" that offers a sweet moment to international travelers.

  • Be surprised at the variety of matcha expressions!

  • Of course, there are royal delicacies such as matcha green tea and Japanese sweets, but matcha sweets are very popular here. Parfaits, jellies, soft-serve ice cream and roll cakes! Matcha is also used in Japanese sweet dishes such as zenzai and anmitsu. Even the Italian sweet tiramisu has a matcha flavor!

  • Making the most of its flavor...

  • All of the matcha sweets have one thing in common: they all make use of matcha's unique flavor. The aroma, flavor, bitterness, and coolness of matcha tea are not compromised, but rather are elevated and transformed into a sweet treat. The menu is full of dishes that make one proud to say, "This is a real matcha sweet."


Ujien (Kissako)

1-4-20 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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STORE / Ujikoen (Japanese Tea Specialty Shop and Cafe)

The Traditional Taste of the Premium Tea "Ujikoen Gyokuro"

  • Experience the World of Ujikoen's Tea Culture

  • Ujikoen, a tea wholesaler established in Kyoto in 1865, boasts a history of more than 150 years since its establishment. At the back of the store, visitors from overseas are also attracted by the authentic Japanese tea brewed in a teapot. It has gained popularity as a place where visitors can experience not only the taste of tea, but also the world view of tea culture itself.

  • Modern Tea House by Ujikoen

  • A unique restaurant interior with shades of light and shadow. The quiet presence of the single-panel counter. The quietness that sets it apart from the hustle and bustle of the street. Yes, the space is filled with the atmosphere of a "tea room," and you cannot take your eyes off the professional brewing tea in front of you. The pleasant sense of tension is the very charm of a tea room.

  • Enjoy Ujikoen's Gyokuro at Your Leisure.

  • The impact of the aroma the moment it is served. The strong flavor in the first sip. Even the taste and aftertaste that spreads in the mouth. When the taste of Gyokuro is connected to the sense of taste... the relaxation of tension fills the body and mind. The experience of something permeating both the body and the mind is truly the power of Japanese tea. Please enjoy this exceptional experience.


Ujikoen (Japanese Tea Specialty Shop and Cafe)

1-5-19 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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