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  • CANDY-A-GO-GO Shinsaibashi 161 Shop
  • "girls mignon" Shinsaibashi GATE Store
  • WEGO Shinsaibashi Store

STORE / CANDY-A-GO-GO Shinsaibashi 161 Shop

A happy confusion awaits you!

  • Selling sweets by weight

  • CANDY-A-GO-GO Shinsaibashi 161, where candies collected from all over the world are sold by weight at uniform prices.

  • Let your self-control go!

  • The store and sweets are decorated in extreme colors, and the background music is EU trance. With 130 varieties to choose from in such a space, the experience will surely leave you in a state of delightful bewilderment. In Japan, where modesty is a virtue, it is precisely the moments when cravings become uncontrollable that are so enjoyable.

  • Strongly transmitting "KAWAII"!

  • Another attraction is the staff costumes. They are the one color that is absolutely indispensable from the world view of CANDY・A・GO・GO. With its roots in Harajuku, Tokyo, the store's mission is to strongly transmit the "KAWAII" that was born and developed in Japan. Please come and visit us to experience this space.


CANDY-A-GO-GO Shinsaibashi 161 Shop

1F Shinsaibashi 161, 1-6-1 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
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STORE / "girls mignon" Shinsaibashi GATE Store

Let's take a picture of your "KAWAII"!

  • Japanese girls are crazy about this machine!

  • Printed sticker machines have been favored by Japanese girls for about 30 years since their introduction. The "girls mignon" Shinsaibashi GATE store is a large store with multiple types of machines on one spacious floor.

  • Latest Printed Sticker Machines

  • The store's printed sticker machine captures your expression with the latest features, such as high-impact eyes and transparent skin texture. The finished stickers can be inserted into the back of a phone case or made into an acrylic key holder. This is how Japanese girls enjoy making memories with their friends.

  • What's the attraction?

  • The essence of the appeal of printed sticker machines is that by taking a picture together, you deepen your friendship with someone and share your feelings. The universal joy of sharing time with someone can be preserved in a cute sticker form only possible with a printed sticker machine. With the large number of "girls mignon" Shinsaibashi GATE stores, you will not have to wait while you are on a trip to experience it.


"girls mignon" Shinsaibashi GATE Store

7F, 2-5-5 Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
*Men unaccompanied by women are not allowed in the store.Store Information


STORE / WEGO Shinsaibashi Store

Trend-setting store for Generation Z

  • Japanese Counterculture

  • Founded in 1994, WEGO is a leading presence in Japanese counterculture, and the WEGO Shinsaibashi store is a space where you can experience Japanese Generation Z culture.

  • Large store with 4 floors in total

  • Not only vintage and original brand clothing, but also bags, shoes, accessories and small goods fill the 2nd through 5th floors of the building. From West Coast style fashion to Harajuku-style "KAWAII", each floor captures the hearts of Generation Z in a genre-less way.

  • What's the attraction?

  • WEGO was one of the first companies in Japan to announce genderlessness, self-respect and diversity in fashion. A new sense of values is being born on the ground of what is known as "good old Japan". It is a shopping experience that we want you, the traveler, to experience.


WEGO Shinsaibashi Store

2-5-5 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Shinsaibashi GATE 2F-5F
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