Here are some of the FEATURE articles that have been published to date.

  • I want to get my hands on Japanese art!

    Ukiyoe is the Instagram of the Edo period. Lacquerware textures are cool too!


  • Experience the fine teas "Matcha & Gyokuro" that can only be tasted in Japan.

    If you want to taste fine tea in Shinsaibashi, we definitely recommend these two long-established stores with a long histories.


  • Experience Pop Culture!

    Pop Culture You Can Try Entertainment born out of real life!


  • Welcome to the Food and Entertainment Area!

    Feel free to stop by, take a break and have a good meal! Plus...exciting experiences await!


  • Only One in the World

    Shinsaibashi: A Glamourous Area for Men, With Japanese Craftsmanship Unique to Japan